About Caleb Woodard Furniture

Caleb Woodard in his workshop"I think some of us have come to a point where honest goods mean a lot to us. We want a product that speaks of pride, skill, and a craftsman's touch. Most of what is sold to us is machine made, inferior in quality and material, and often from across an ocean. I think we shortchange ourselves to be surrounded by these things. Honest goods, goods with a maker's touch and a quality material, is a truer value. For these reasons all of my furniture is custom designed and built by hand. I strive to create pieces that blur the lines between sculpture and function. Above all, in each piece, I work to create furniture that is honest."

Caleb Woodard has been involved in woodworking since he received his first carving knife at the age of six. His father, a master woodworker for over 30 years, was the main instrument in his education and he is forever grateful to him. He is a self-taught designer with a passion for genres, whether the drama of cabriole legs or the cool simplicity of mid-century lines.

Designs are often driven by the wood first, because it is more than just a material. Every piece is designed and built to last more than a lifetime.